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We are a mobile detailing company.

Since 2020, our customers have enjoyed professionally detailed cars with a clean shine and a unique mobile detailing experience.

Our mobile detailing service offers convenience. We detail your car without leaving your premises. You'll love the personalized service and the attention to detail that makes our mobile detailing service one of the best auto detailing palm coast fl.

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We are the detailing experts. We come and detail your car quickly, efficiently, and beautifully.


You'll love our prices as much as you love our professional service.


We are a trusted service in the Flagler County area.


We bring our equipment, supplies, and expertise to your desired location.

Mobile Detailing Right To Your Door!

Professional Services

Interior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning Surfaces

Glass Cleaning


Stain Removal

Conditioning and Shine

Odor Elimination

Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Wash Removing Dirt & Grime

Soft Cloth Dry

Fuel Compartment

Glass Cleaning

Tire Wash & Condition

Carnauba Wax & Seal

Pricing Packages


Small $80

Medium $100

Large $120


Small $50-Sedan, Coupe

Medium $70

Large $90


Small $125-Sedan, Coupe

Medium $160

Large $200

Maintenance Package

Small $90 (1x Per Month)/ $60(2x Per Month)

Medium $120 (1x Per Month)/ $80(2x Per Month)

Large $150 (1x Per Month)/ $100(2x Per Month)


Tire Trim Dressing: $25

Clay Bar Treatment: Small $50 / Medium $75 / Large $100

Headlight Restoration: $45 per headlight

Bay Engine Cleaning: $75

Paint Sealant: Small $50 / Medium $75 / Large $100

Small: Sedan, Coupe

Medium: Small SUV (2 row seating), Small Pickup Truck, Jeep

Large: Large Pickup Truck, Van, Full Size SUV (3 Row Seating)

Severe vehicle conditions are subject to price change.

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What we do best in car service

Exterior Cleaning

This involves washing the vehicle's exterior using high-quality cleaning solutions, pressure washing or hand washing, and ensuring that all dirt, grime, and debris are removed. It may also include the application of wax or sealants for protection and shine.

Interior Cleaning

Mobile detailers thoroughly clean the vehicle's interior, including vacuuming the carpets and upholstery, wiping down surfaces, cleaning windows, and removing any stains or odors. They may also provide services like leather conditioning and fabric protection.

Interior Clean

Before & After


Why Mobile Detailing?

Mobile detailing is a convenient and efficient way to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your vehicle. Our services come to your location. Personalized services keep us coming back time and again to leave your car with a sparkling clean shine.

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What mobile detailing services do you offer?

We offer both Exterior and Interior Detailing Services. We will make your car look showroom ready.

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Why should I choose your company?

We are the trustworthy mobile detailing service you have been looking for. We are well-known in the Flagler area for offering professional reliable services. We look forward to working with you.

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I’ve had my car for over two years and have never had it professionally detailed, but I didn’t think it was that dirty. I was only concerned about a few spots on my seats and dashboard, and he went above and beyond my expectations. Juan spent over four hours on my car, and I was shocked at the difference! My car looks and smells brand new, and his attention to detail is impressive. I have already recommended his services to several friends, and will continue to do so because of the great work he did!

- Mikki

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